USCIS to Conduct Second Random Selection for FY 2024 H-1B Cap Registrations

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February 2, 2024
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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently announced a significant update regarding the FY 2024 H-1B Cap Registrations. With the decision to conduct a second random selection from previously submitted registrations, this development is set to impact prospective petitioners and beneficiaries vying for coveted H-1B visas in the United States.


In March 2023, USCIS performed an initial random selection process for the fiscal year (FY) 2024 H-1B cap. This selection covered properly submitted electronic registrations, including beneficiaries eligible for the advanced degree exemption.  

Only those petitioners whose registrations were chosen in this initial selection are qualified to submit H-1B cap-subject petitions. The initial filing period for these selected registrations occurred from April 1, 2023, through June 30, 2023.

The Update

USCIS has determined the need to select additional registrations to fulfill the FY 2024 numerical allocations. As a result, a second random selection process will take place soon, utilizing previously submitted electronic registrations. The prospective petitioners with registrations chosen in this second selection round will be eligible to file a petition for the respective beneficiary mentioned in the selected registration.

USCIS continues to prioritize efficiency and transparency in its visa processing system, aiming to keep all stakeholders well-informed about updates and changes to the H-1B visa program. As the second selection process unfolds, the agency is committed to promptly notifying all prospective petitioners whose registrations have been chosen, enabling them to proceed with the necessary steps to file an H-1B cap-subject petition for their beneficiaries.

For all those who have been selected, the agency will update their myUSCIS accounts to include a selection notice, which will provide detailed information about when and where to file their petitions. Both employers and prospective H-1B beneficiaries are advised to closely monitor USCIS updates to stay informed about the latest developments related to the FY 2024 H-1B cap selection process.

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