Timesheets &
Leave Management

Timesheet Management
Supervise your Employees and Establish Employee-Employer Relationship
Leave Management

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Timesheets Creation & Submission

Now your employees can create and submit a Timesheet corresponding to their work. They can also add attachments and track the Timesheet(s) progress. HR can set alerts to remind their employees about Timesheet submission.


Supervise your Employees and Establish Employee-Employer Relationship

You can designate a supervisor (Internal or External) for your employees to report & perform evaluations using the platform. This way, you can demonstrate a bona fide employee-employer relationship, both for your STEM or H-1B Program employees.


Apply & Manage Leaves

Employees can apply/ track leaves as per the company’s Leave Policy. They can also avail leaves as Paid Time Offs, Holidays or Vacations based on the requirement.

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