OnBlick HR Compliance

Ensuring effective corporate compliance in challenging immigration environment.

OnBlick digitalizes and also keeps your company compliant with I-9, Form I-983 and PAFs. It recommends
matching SOC Codes, Titles and Wage levels at LCA initiation based on your Hiring Practices.

HR Dashboard

Get an overview of all HR and Immigration compliance related tasks and alerts that need your immediate attention. Complete all pending tasks and keep your company compliant.

SOC Predictor

Get the most appropriate SOC Codes and understand the probability of Approval for your H-1B cases with Data Intelligence from 60+ authorized sources.

PAF Automation

Public Access Files are automatically generated and stored. No more hassles in maintaining Public Access Files. Keeps you Audit ready.

H-1B Documentation

Manage all documents related to a candidate’s H-1B Petition. You have option to download and/or share these documents with attorney and with the candidate.

I-983/Training Program

Auto Create training plans for STEM OPT Employees. Get alerts when its time for student evaluation so you never miss reporting to concerned DSOs

Electronic I-9 & E-verify

Digitize and Automate your I-9 process for both onsite and remote employees. Get automated suggestions on when to make changes/additions to employee I-9.

Applicant Tracking System

World’s first AI based ATS & Job Board for swift recruitment with automated processes

Automated profile match Making to your open jobs

OnBlick’s Compatibility Match algorithm to save 70% of your recruiter’s time in screening a candidate’s profile.

Integrated Candidate Search

Search across multiple premium job boards at once with Integrated Candidate search. All viewed candidates added to your internal database increasing your productivity.

Post your Jobs

Post your jobs to all major premium job boards and some popular free job boards to get maximum visibility with minimum effort.

InHouse Talent Marketing

First ever application that enables to submit and track jobs automatically in all major job boards.

Analytics and Reporting

Get visibility into your individual performance or the performance of your team by auto generated analytics.

Integrated Job Board

Explore the endless possibilities to land into an amazing career with our aggregated Job Search

OnBlick’s Integrated Job board aggregates the jobs into one single platform
enabling the Job seeker apply and manage at the same time.

Automated profile match Making to open jobs

AI to get Matching jobs as per your profile and compatibility score to determine which would be most fit for you.

Activity Tracking System

Manage all your application, interviews and contacts on a single platform.

Video Profile

Create your professional 1 Min Video profile to promote your expertise and stand out from the crowd.

In App Call/Chat

Built in Call/Chat tools help you get connected to recruiters instantly.

OnBlick's Partners

We partner with all the leading Job Boards, in order to deliver a seamless
job search and recruiting experience.

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