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File and Create H-1B Petitions using One Platform
Customize a Checklist of H-1B Documents

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File and Create H-1B Petitions using One Platform

A built-in Immigration case management system helps employers in the document collection, online filing of Form I-129, and creation of an H-1B petition. Thus, making it an all-in-one immigration case management platform to initiate, track, and manage all your H-1B petitions.

h-1b document checklist


Customize a Checklist of H-1B Documents

H-1B checklist eases up the employer’s work, as they can create a customized checklist of required documents. Once created, HR can share this checklist with the employee for requesting documents. Not just that, HR can also assign reviewer(s) for verifying the employee information and bring in the second level of verification.

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Our application includes

many value-adding features and cutting-edge integrations that help you address complex challenges.


SOC Predictor & Wage Level Calculator

OnBlick leverages implementation of AI and suggests the right SOC codes that best match the job duties specified. Not just that, it even recommends prevailing wages based on the type of duties and the location. So, no more errors in the selection of SOC codes and wage levels.

Public Access File Automation

Are you struggling to create and retain PAFs? Leave it to OnBlick. As soon as you upload an LCA in the system, you can link it to the respective candidate. Not to forget, you can even generate a Public Access File in an instant after you upload the LCA. OnBlick retains PAFs for all your employees, making them readily accessible.

Online Completion of Form I-129

Now, you can complete the Form I-129 online using OnBlick, and can save the employer data. As this information remains same for all the beneficiaries, you can pre-populate this data for remaining beneficiaries as and when needed. This makes your petition process easier and eliminates re-work.

Create & share a H-1B document checklist

You can create a customized checklist of required documents for H-1B petition. Once created, you can share this checklist with the employee for requesting documents. Not just that, you can also assign reviewer(s) for verifying the employee information that bring in a second level of verification.

Compliance with ever-changing regulations

Be it a regulatory reformation or a work authorization change, be informed about all the updates. OnBlick alerts you about employee’s work authorization changes, document expiry and pending actions. This helps you in attaining operational excellence and avoid any sort of penalties.

Recording Work Authorization Changes in Form I-9

Did you record your employees work status changes in I-9? OnBlick reminds employers about updating the electronic Form I-9 with all the work authorization changes. Employers can relieve from the stress of I-9 compliance.

And Much more


Customized work flows


E-signature integration


Audit trails


Organization charts


Form retention


Activity logs


Employee dashboard


Bulk onboarding


Customized Notifications




Payroll integrations


Client support


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