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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has conducted more than 6,400 Form I-9 inspections in the Fiscal Year 2019, which resulted in millions of dollars of penalties for the organizations.

I-9 Inspection Process In an ICE Audit


Skyrocketing Audits & Penalties


Common Mistakes in Form I-9s

Even small mistakes on your Forms I-9 can add up to big fines. Penalties may vary from as low as $224 to a maximum of $22,927 per I-9 per violation


Incomplete Forms

Employers may forget to add the candidate's name in section-2 or miss filling the section that involves preparer/ translator.

Missing Deadlines

Sometimes employers fail to complete the Form I-9 within 3 business days of employment.

Signature & Date

Employer or employee may forget to sign the form after completion, making it invalid.

Incorrect I-9 version

Using the correct version of Form I-9 which is valid at the employee’s date of hire is as important as completing the form.

Missing re-verification

Using the correct version of Form I-9 which is valid at the employee’s date of hire is as important as completing the form.

Incorrect supporting documents

Employers may fail to identify the authenticity of supporting documentation presented and may accept incorrect documents.

Defense Against ICE Audits & Penalties


Internal I-9 Audits

Internal audits are a key source in ensuring I-9 compliance. They provide a chance to review the forms, identify missing I-9s and reveal errors (if any). While not required by the law, an employer may conduct internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the employer sanctions provision of the INA.

An employer may choose to review all Forms I-9 or a sample of Forms I-9 selected based on neutral and non-discriminatory criteria.

Who Can Do It?

Employers can conduct the internal I-9 audits by following the process defined by ICE and OnBlick can help you.

Our Solution - REAP



Resolve issues on existing Form I-9s by conducting periodical internal Form I-9 audits. Let our experts help you in conducting the audits as per ICE guidelines.


Common mistakes in Form I-9s are due to lack of proper awareness. We empower and educate your HR team on I-9 rules, regulations, and latest updates.


Automating your I-9 process removes human errors. You can complete, update, and retain your Form I-9s digitally. Automate your Form I-9s and E-verify with OnBlick.


Set up an organizational level Form I-9 policy to provide guidance on maintaining I-9 and E-Verify compliance.