How to Create a New Hire Onboarding Packet

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Dec 23, 2022
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It goes without saying that an effective onboarding strategy contributes to long-term employee success. Focusing on the details and design of a program that appeals to the recruits can have a significant effect on how they perceive your business.

One of the vital tiny stages in the onboarding process is a new hire welcome packet, commonly called an onboarding packet. It is the first point of contact that acts as a resource for the onboarding procedure and thus requires attention.  

This article discusses how you can create an appropriate onboarding packet.  

Why an Onboarding packet?

Employee welcome gifts are an important aspect of the employee onboarding process, even though they may appear to be optional. It has a significant impact on how new employees view your business.

A great welcome package demonstrates your concern for your staff and desire for a positive workplace environment. Additionally, new recruits are happier, more at ease, and more involved right away. Therefore, these exhibits are essential for promoting and presenting the corporate culture.

What to include in an Onboarding packet?

The paperwork an employee must sign, the assignments they must finish, and any other duties they have to complete are often included in a new hire onboarding packet.

The onboarding package might be a physical folder or packet or a digital collection of online-only tasks, assignments, and papers. The content of the onboarding packet is more important than whether it is physical or digital.

The ideal new hire packet should consist of a single, small box that has all the required employee new hire documents, some company- and position-specific information, and a few customized welcome-aboard goodies that get everything started off on the right foot right away.  

Here are a few aspects to pay attention to and incorporate in your new hire onboarding packet.  

1. Goodies

Providing the necessities of a workday is the best way to greet someone. The most fundamental yet essential component of any employee welcome package is probably office supplies. It eliminates the need for the new recruit to look for these goods on their own by making sure they are included in their welcome kit.

Office supplies might include whatever a worker could need daily for their job. Some of the most frequently included goodies are:  

2. A welcome note

A new hire feels proud and included after receiving a handwritten message from the senior executives. You can have the person’s name, the company’s mission statement and employee expectations in the message to make it more personal.

The employee should be congratulated and informed of the selection criteria. One must share the company’s guiding principles and describe what is expected of them in this note. Finally, a description of the contents of the welcome package and any important information can be included in the same.  

3. An overview of the company culture

An employee’s first day is a great time to describe the company’s culture and how it applies to their work. This is also an opportunity to invite them to get involved.

4. Designation and details

5. Perks and benefits

Make an effort to mention the benefits package that the new employee will receive or be qualified for. The benefit summaries for each plan, details on the employee’s cost share, and forms for choosing employee benefits are all examples of this data.

6. Forms to be filled

All the necessary documentation processes must be made clear to the new employees so that all legal requirements are met. Employees must comply with legal obligations by submitting a variety of necessary documents, including tax forms and direct deposit forms. Most employees have seen the documents previously, but they are typically not brandable. Since employees must complete these forms to be paid, these may be the most crucial elements in the welcome package.  

7. Onboarding expectations

To help employees acclimate to a new position, provide a detailed outline of their onboarding schedule and expectations. The warmest welcomes are transparent and informative. Although new hires may be nervous at first, there is an opportunity to settle this fear. Letting the new employees know in advance what they’ll be facing will put their minds at ease. It will also make them feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. One can provide all of the onboarding materials in a classy customized folder that demonstrates the company’s commitment to the brand.

Final thoughts

A new hire onboarding packet may assist in creating a culture where staff members are enthusiastic and self-assured from day one. Gaining the trust and loyalty of a new recruit may be made much easier with an excellent new hire onboarding packet. The onboarding package is a quick and efficient approach to minimize unnecessary friction, optimize procedures, and provide essential information.  

We hope this article helps you prepare a great onboarding packet.  

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