USCIS Introduces eProcessing for Transition to Digital Immigration

Published On
September 28, 2023
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USCIS is all set to begin the eProcessing which will accelerate the USCIS's transition to a digital business model. Applying for any benefit or receiving the reply from USCIS is now easier than ever before.

Presently this process is made available only to vocational students, visitors for pleasure and business purpose. However, all the remaining categories will follow shortly after these. According to the Director of USCIS L. Francis Cissna, their main goal is to "accelerate the modernization of our nation's lawful immigration system". So, they have started this new strategy, which will connect all the existing systems under one platform, making it easier for improving decision timeliness. This will also increase the transparency during the application process along with accelerating the availability of online filing for all the immigration benefits.

How will eProcessing accelerate the Immigration Process?

USCIS receives the highest number of applications for immigration process. Hence, this eProcessing will improve the efficiency of processing these applications thus enabling applicants to submit more applications online.

Did you know? USCIS receives around 8 million applications every year.

Through this fully digitalized process, USCIS can now create and retain all these immigration records electronically. These records will help the officials to have faster access to all the data of the applicants. The faster the access, the faster will be the response to the applicants.

With everything moving towards digitalization, US immigration process is no more an exception. 'eProcessing modernizes USCIS' work to create a paperless solution that is more effective for applicants, our officers, and our partner agencies", said the Director of USCIS.

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