Avoid The 5 Major Mistakes In US Immigration Compliance (2019) With OnBlick

Published On
May 31, 2019
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The recent years have witnessed an increase in the importance of compliance and if we consider US immigration compliance, its importance multiplied tenfold. This is because US agencies are all set to increase the audits and inspections to detect and eliminate fraud from the immigration system. Though an audit or inspection to your organization doesn't immediately mean that you are at fault, but failure in providing the requested information will make you one. This will further lead to huge penalties and sometimes even debarment.

Assuring US Immigration Compliance is the only way to rule out penalties. Though it seems as a challenging task for the employers, proper guidance in the right direction will make compliance attainable. The primary criteria for immigration compliance is eliminating the major mistakes employers make due to lack of awareness on the process. OnBlick helps you in understanding the US immigration process, making you aware of all the rules and regulations. This will further guide you in completing all the processes in time and according to the USCIS/ICE standards.

Here Are The 5 Common Mistakes You Are Making in US Immigration Compliance & How to Avoid Them

So, did you come across any mistake which impacted your organization's compliance? If you did, this is the time you take a step towards assuring US Immigration compliance.

Stay Compliant & Avoid Penalties!



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