Top 5 HR Trends for 2021: Tools to Facilitate the Reinvention of Work Strategies 

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September 28, 2023
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Top 5 HR Trends for 2021: Tools to Facilitate the Reinvention of Work Strategies

The past year has been strange in some ways for the businesses. While it opened new avenues for operating remotely for some, it became a long struggle for the HRs and leaders to maintain work output amongst a largely disproportionate work-life balance in the lives of the employees. Companies have been looking forward to not just recovering from the past year, but renewing their policies and work ethics in the new normal.

In this blog, we discuss some of our predictions of HR Trends for 2021 and tools that can aid you in acing these trends.

1. Hybrid Workspaces

Several organizations have been considering providing a hybrid workspace for their employees allowing them to make their own decisions. This involves providing them the option to work from home or office. During the spread of the pandemic, while some employees faced difficulties with the remote work situations, others felt more comfortable creating their own space at home.  

Some of the ways companies can introduce a hybrid workplace include:

2. Worker Well-Being

Firms today are focusing on keeping a balance of financial, physical, as well as the mental well-being of their employees. A non-judgmental and flexible work environment plays a huge role in providing the employees with a safe space to co-exist and create. Support in the form of workshops for spreading awareness about well-being and conduction of sports or games to aid socializing in the workplace can help create a positive impact on the employees.

Companies can bring a fresh perspective on employee well-being through the following:

3. Recruitment Policies

While working remotely, the operations of firms had completely shifted online. HR processes such as recruitment also had to take place online, which brought about some changes in the process. As things have been gaining momentum in the new normal, talent acquisition departments may lead to follow some new trends.

Some of the predicted changes in the hiring process include:  

4. Performance Management

Companies have been reviewing their performance management policies in the recent past. HR professionals are now focusing on reinventing performance management strategies to improve the productivity of employees. These changes may be attributed to the change in a workplace situation and the decline of mental health during the pandemic.

Changes considered for performance management at the workplace include:  

5. Data-Driven Decisions

Given the onset of remote work situations, the work of the HR professionals needs to be more data-driven than it was before. They not only need the right technological tools for the same, but also the right approach to bring out the desired work results. It allows them to fit in the appropriate information with minimal effort that can drive the customers to the company for their work needs.

Some ways to employ data-driven work decisions are as follows:


The workforce may have experienced a range of changes in the past year and it is upon the HR professionals and leaders to provide them with an accommodating work environment in 2021. It has become increasingly important that they focus on reinventing employee experience based on every individual’s needs and personality, instead of implying one solution that fits all of them equally.

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