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The Mystery over IT Market and Technology Trends!

Published On
May 31, 2017
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I have been working in IT Sales and recruitment for over 13 years and a Tech Entrepreneur for 6 of those years.

Considering my background and experience in this Industry, I am often asked questions like: How is the IT market doing? Which technology is in demand? What IT skill can I add to my profile that can get me a better bill rate/salary?

These are great questions! Right answers and analysis can really provide excellent guidance for anyone's career.

Here are some perceptions and potential solutions:

The current way of market analysis is based on the number of job opportunity calls/emails you get or interviews you are scheduled in a given week or month. If it is to your satisfaction, you can consider the market is good. However, there are no proper metrics that does the analysis with a larger data and showcase the actual supply and demand ratio.

Coming to technology, it is usually the latest technology that clients have invested in and are looking for experts to deploy and carry forward a successful implementation. It usually takes a year or more in most cases from the time new technology launches and the experts catch up. Again, we do not have a credible analysis or evaluation to really predict the technology in demand, unless it becomes the talk of the town. But here is the good news. Login to or download the App on your iOS or Android device, update your profile. You can not only see the matching Jobs, but also the trends related to your technology based on the overall market demand and supply.

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