The Key Factors In Selecting A Compliance Management System

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September 28, 2023
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Vineesha Kakarlapudi

Compliance Management System is crucial in maintaining an organization’s internal regulations and to make sure that it is functioning in a professional manner. The Department of Labor (DOL) in the US administers and enforces more than 180 federal laws including wage & Hour, employee safety, etc. These regulations cover many workplace activities for about 10 million employers and 125 million workers in the US.

The major challenges in compliance management

The challenges in compliance management are on the rise. Even after the huge amounts of money spent on compliance needs, organizations are facing compliance failure. Complex processes, lack of a proper system to monitor the organizational activities and lack of awareness on the policy updates are the main challenges faced by an organization.

But one cannot be a victim of the non-compliance risking its reputation, client base and also the penalties. So, the employers are looking for solutions which can help them in managing their compliance with ease and avoid penalties. Hence, incorporating a compliance management system has become a necessity for organizational compliance.

Now, the question is how can you select the best compliance management system.

Here are the key factors that an employer usually considers while selecting a compliance management system

Alerts on the Updates:

Some of the federal laws update with time and the organization should stay up-to-date with all the modifications. But, complying with the latest rules cannot be an easy task. So the employers are seeking such a tool which would create awareness and alert them about the latest updates, eliminating compliance failure.

Data Security:  

The primary step in protecting your employee’s data is to analyze what type of information you are providing and its purpose. The confidential data  shared cannot be stolen or leaked to any other third party applications. Make sure the tool is not misusing any of the data and is providing the ultimate level of protection.

Internal Audits & Guided Processes:

Abiding by the rules and maintaining transparency in work is the prior step in assuring compliance. Guided processes and internal audits help you in monitoring the work done in your organization.  This will make the employer maintain a record of all the work and in turn, prepare the employees for an audit.

Automated Process:

The complex the process, the harder it is to maintain the compliance. So, Simplification of the process is something that organizations look for while selecting a tool. The compliance tool which would automate all the processes and eliminates human error can be one of the key factors for compliance management.

Managing your entire compliance process using one centralized system can be an ideal solution to your compliance issues. OnBlick, which incorporates all the above key features can be your compliance partner.

OnBlick, your Compliance Partner

It simplifies your organization’s work by digitizing the data and automating the process along with securing the data of all your employees to avoid data breaches. OnBlick’s guided processes and internal audits help you in scheduling the tasks and monitoring their completion. It also saves the activity log of your employees thus preparing you for audits. It stays up-to-date and alerts you on the ever-changing immigration laws, making sure you comply with all the latest regulations.

Its time you ease up the burden with OnBlick and stay compliant!

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