Motivating Your Teams to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

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September 28, 2023
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Today, one of the biggest challenges faced by managers is keeping the team members engaged and motivated. To help the employees grow professionally, managers should push them out of their comfort zones. Aspects like helping them learn new skills, and facilitating them to accept new challenges and duties contribute to this. The benefits of stepping out of one’s comfort zone are many.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you a few ideas that can help your people to perform to their highest potential.

The Idea of a Comfort Zone

A comfort zone is a situation or state where one has a sense of safety and predictability owing to familiarity and routine. At work, it can be the position you've been in for a long time or the people you interact with daily.

Regrettably, remaining in your comfort zone can eventually put you in a career rut since you miss out on new challenges, learning, and growth. Research has found that one can greatly increase productivity, creativity, and the ability to cope with change by stepping out of the comfort zone.

Several experts claim that one should move of their comfort zone to achieve career progression and personal growth. However, some have been dubious if leaving one’s comfort zone really leads to greater satisfaction and career advancement.

If you think your team’s quality of work is suffering, letting them break free from their comfort zone at work can help. Here are a few tips to aid you to achieve this feat.

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

  1. Promote Career Development

Fact: 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them when applying for a job. (Gallup, 2016).

  1. Give them stretch assignments

  1. Inspire Your Team Members to Take Up New Roles

  1. Encourage Them to Establish Connections

  1. Help Your Crew Overcome Their Anxieties

Do you know that the process of challenging themselves to push out of their comfort zone isn’t that easy for everyone? Some could go through bouts of anxiety while others undergo the process smoothly. As a manager, you shouldn’t expect everyone to have the same state of mind. Be sensitive to your employees’ wishes and individual goals while also encouraging change and offering solutions to overcome their nervousness. So, how do you do it?

Note: Remind the employees that they will inevitably make mistakes, but that these missteps are an essential part of the journey to mastery.

  1. Maintain a culture of Acknowledgement & Appreciation

Fact: Several studies have highlighted that employees prefer on-the-spot recognition to formal reviews.

Final Thoughts

Encouraging your teams to step out of their comfort zones not only results in their personal development but also benefits the company as a whole. As managers, it is your responsibility to facilitate the process and help them advance their careers. We hope you implement the above-mentioned tips to witness a growth in employee performance and productivity.

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