Key Takeaways from ITServe Synergy 2019: OnBlick

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Nov 8, 2019
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If 1500 CXO's, 1200 companies, and many eminent speakers all gather at one point, it is the ITServe Synergy Conference. This annual conference held by ITServe Alliance is the voice of all prestigious IT companies functioning with similar interests across the United States.

Key Takeaways from ITServe Synergy 2019: OnBlick

ITServe Synergy provides business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives with strategies and solutions that address the unique needs of the IT Solution & Services Industry. This year's conference held on October 17th & 18th of 2019 is a huge success, and our OnBlick team is delighted to be the Platinum National Sponsor to such esteemed conference.

Just like every year, even this year's conference has been the stage for influential Keynote speakers like Tanmay Bakshi, Prasad Panda, and Matt Mayberry.

Being the Platinum Sponsor of ITServe Synergy 2019: OnBlick

Our collaboration with ITServe Synergy Alliance is since long. The year 2013 marked the beginning of our journey, and now we are the Platinum Sponsors of the ITServe Synergy 2019. This Synergy is the perfect opportunity to network with many industry professionals, share knowledge, and find solutions to organizational challenges.

Throughout the event, our team is entirely occupied with talking to our booth attendees, clients, industry professionals, and attending sessions. That is how ITServe Synergy has played an integral part in showcasing our application to a large scale of industry professionals under one platform.

Working towards Organizational Compliance: OnBlick

In the process of serving OnBlick clients, we have recognized that many employers commit some common mistakes that are the main reason for compliance failure. Lack of proper awareness about the compliance guidelines and the ever-changing immigration rules lead to these mistakes.

Upon understanding our mission of ensuring organizational compliance, employers are interested in learning about all the nuances around immigration compliance. That is why our clients have approached us seeking a session about I-9 compliance and the significance of I-9 Internal Audits.

An Enlightening Session from The CEO of OnBlick at ITServe Synergy

As a part of creating awareness, our CEO, Krishna Garimella, presented an informative session on ICE Audits (Vs) internal I-9 audits, what you need to know. He was successful in captivating the audience with an emphasis on the  Importance of I-9 Internal Audits and Tips to avoid common mistakes.

Key Takeaways from ITServe Synergy 2019: OnBlick

The session has brought a huge impact on the audience, leading them to meet our team and know more about I-9 compliance. We have also provided them a checklist for I-9 audits and a process document that defines the internal audit process. This informative material has received a tremendous response.

In addition to the session, our CEO has presented an article on Importance of I-9 internal audits, which is available in the ITServe Synergy 2019 Conference magazine.

Meeting our clients

The previous conferences helped us in networking with many of the prospects, who are our happy customers now. This year our team has got a chance to meet and interact with many of our clients up close. We are delighted to hear their feedback about the application's performance. With OnBlick, they were able to address the overheads of documentation, ease up their onboarding process, understand the nuances around immigration, and many more.

Key Takeaways from ITServe Synergy 2019: OnBlick

While we have received great feedback about our features, ease of usage, and the support, the best compliment we have received was "In this era of ever-changing reforms, attaining compliance is a far-fetched concept, but OnBlick is successful in ensuring organizational compliance of its clients."

With that, we have bid farewell to this year's ITServe Synergy while carrying back valuable insights from professionals, feedback from our clients, and inputs from the informative sessions.

Have you attended this year's ITServe Synergy? Do let us know your takeaways from the conference.

Note: f you are interested in getting a copy of the I-9 audit checklist, you can reach out to us at the email provided below.

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