How To Prepare For FDNS Site Visit?

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Mar 8, 2019
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Is your organization prepared for an FDNS site visit?

Don't worry! We are here to enhance your awareness about FDNS and keep you audit ready.

FDNS: What is it?

With an increase in immigration, US has also witnessed an increase in the misuse of their immigration laws.

So, USCIS has found an organization named Fraud Detection & National Security (FDNS) in 2004 for ensuring immigration compliance of organizations. FDNS conducts random site visits to organizations and collects information about the organization and its employees.

This is to verify that the petitioners and the employees are abiding by the immigration laws and guidelines. The main objective of FDNS is to detect and eliminate fraud from the immigration process and assure that immigrants are not misusing any of the immigration laws.

How does the FDNS function?

FDNS is mainly responsible for conducting random site visits to different organizations and verify whether the organization/ employee is legitimate or not. An officer from the FDNS may visit your organization with or without any prior information. The officer will verify the details of your organization presented in the visa petition before the site visit.

During an FDNS site visit:

The primary tasks of an FDNS officer during a site visit can be as follows:

The site visit would usually last for thirty minutes or sometimes more during which the officer would document all the information provided. The documented information would be reviewed to verify that all the information provided is accurate and is not subjected to any misuse.

After an FDNS Site Visit:
After completion of the inspection, the officer will submit a detailed report to the corresponding supervisor with all the documented information. USCIS reviews this report and analyzes the further action to be taken in case of any discrepancy.

A NOIR (Notice of Intent to Revoke) may be issued to the employer if USCIS comes across any discrepancies in the data submitted.

How to prepare for an FDNS site visit?

Preparing your organization for these random site visits is of utmost importance. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare:

The supporting documents that an officer may ask during a site visit are:

Some employers find it hard to handle these FDNS site visits, as they are random and there is no awareness of what an officer can ask. So, they approach their attorneys for assistance. But there are certain cases where attorneys panic during these visits and hence leads to discrepancies in the information provided to the officer.So, along with an attorney, having a one-stop solution that can prepare you for these site visits would be an ideal way to handle the site visits.

is the software which digitizes all the employee and organizational documents, hence making them accessible with just a few clicks.It creates and saves Public Access Files for every LCA uploaded, in just a matter of few seconds. It maintains all the documentation related to H-1B under one system. Along with these easily accessible documents, OnBlick also provides a questionnaire that would guide and prepare you for the FDNS site visits.

So be prepared for these unannounced site visits with OnBlick and avoid revocation possibilities.

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