Employee Appreciation: 7 Affordable and Creative Ideas

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Apr 11, 2022
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Today’s workplaces are more demanding, and it is time for companies to recognize their employees. Acknowledging the employees’ hard work and extra efforts can eventually boost employee engagement and retain talent.

The right employee recognition programs and activities can help boost productivity and increase employee morale. This article suggests some most affordable yet creative ways to appreciate your employees.

Employee appreciation is inevitable

Appreciation is a powerful tool that leaders can use to motivate their staff. It makes the employees feel good and encourages them to keep working harder. Appreciating the workforce is something many companies often tend to neglect. Showing appreciation is linked to various metrics, including job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity.

The best thing about employee appreciation is that it doesn’t require much effort or time. Regularly appreciating employees shows that managers care about their teams. In return, employees showcase a significant contribution to the company. This is a general principle that is often underutilized.

Appreciation: 3 Types

There are various ways to show appreciation for your employees. There are three key types of recognition.

1. Micro-recognition

Micro recognition often includes sending notes or posting on bulletin boards. This method is very effective for making employees feel valued and supported. It doesn’t require a lot of time or resources to do it.

2. Informal recognition

An informal recognition program is typically conducted to celebrate the achievements individuals or teams. It can be done in the form of a pizza party, a trip to the pub, or a simple thank-you among a small crowd. Informal recognition can be a planned event or a random act of appreciation. But the end product will be better performance.

3. Formal recognition

Formal recognition is more structured since it involves a selection process and a special event. It usually takes a bit more planning and resources to pull it off. It can even be a great event and involves time and money.

Points to Remember

1. Meaningful recognition is done by keeping critical details in mind. First, recognize employees early in their careers and regularly, throughout the year. This will keep them engaged and motivated.

2. Recognition can be specific and relevant to each individual. Make sure to tell the employee why they are being recognized.

3. Employees need to be conveyed what you are grateful for and how their actions have impacted you and the company. This will help them develop and maintain a positive work environment.

4. Aside from being specific, recognition can also be done in various ways. It can be done in a fun and creative way to keep the employees engaged and motivated.

5. Before creating a great recognition program, take the time to find out your company’s values and mission and know if your employees align with it.

6. Not being acknowledged for your efforts is worse than giving up all at work. It can be a demoralizing act.

7. Ensure that the recognition is authentic and backed up with facts. Be clear about the actions and contributions that the employees made to help you. Doing so may make a difference in how it is perceived.

Seven Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

1. Employee Appreciation Day

It’s important to recognize and appreciate employees. Have a well-organized employee appreciation day that becomes a memorable one for your employees. Make sure you acknowledge the vital role employees play in the company’s success.

Plan a small or outdoor party to celebrate with the team. If the office is already full of happy employees, you may hire a bartender to serve up some drinks and have fun.

2. Recognize the smart work in social media

Social media is the biggest influence of our generation. When employees reach personal goals or achievements, give them a shout out on social media. Whether through a photo or a post, show them that they’re valued.

Having great employees is very important to a company. It shows that they are valued and supported by the entire team. You can also display this recognition on your company’s digital displays.

3. Make their birthdays count

It’s always a great way to celebrate with your co-workers and indulge in a bit of cake culture. Celebrating birthdays is also a great way to recharge and appreciate your colleagues. Managers can say a few words of appreciation, give cards with what great talent the employees have, or even write how they contributed to a project. This can be the best birthday gift and a great appreciation for your employee.

4. Provide work-life balance

Spending time with family and friends helps employees stay productive and engaged. It also prevents burnout. Try to accommodate their schedules by giving them more time off as an appreciation for a successful project or even a great idea. This will contribute to a better work-life balance.

5. Reward with an award

The Best Employees Award is a fun reward to recognize the employees’ hard work. Managers can be specific while choosing a winner and set a period for each time the award is passed on. This is going to bring more energy and growth to the team.

6. Weekly core value shout outs

Start the week with a core value shoutout, and then open the floor to recognize and honor team members. A spontaneous way for the managers and the team members to appreciate each other effortlessly.

7. A token of love

Aside from awards and social media shout outs, appreciation items such as earbuds and drinkware can also be used to show appreciation for a job well done. They can be enjoyed for a long time and can help boost employee morale. Even though employees can get compensation and titles, appreciation items are still very effective ways to recognize the employees.

Summing Up

Employee appreciation is vital for building a successful and meaningful workplace culture. It can be hard to show gratitude at first, but appreciation has numerous long-term benefits. Try the effective and creative ways discussed in this article to laud your teams and reap better.

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