Canadian Migration - A Scare For US Employers?

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Apr 26, 2019
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Vineesha Kakarlapudi

All the violations on H-1B visa are making Techies pave a way for Canada. Don’t you think its high time US employers act to secure the highly skilled talent?

The Trump’s administration has introduced many reformations and restrictions in the Immigration process. So, it is not easy for American dreamers to study or work in the United States anymore. Added to these reformations, many employees are in a dilemma regarding their visa extensions which made them choose an easier and safer option of moving to Canada for work/study.

A study conducted by Envoy, state that “63% of the employers are also establishing their presence in Canada either by sending more workers there or by hiring foreign nationals there,” a report by the technology news outlet Recode.

Why Canada?

Canada has become the destination for many skilled foreign workers through its simple and hassle free immigration process. This country is all set to welcome these highly skilled immigrants through its Global Skills Strategy program started in the year 2017. Unlike the US Immigration policies, this GSS program offers speedy processing of the high skilled worker visas, as it is mainly developed with the intention of providing highly skilled employees to their organizations.

Do you know: Canada has set a target of accommodating 3,30,000 new permanent residents in the year 2019 through this GSS program.

Is Canada Good for STEM Candidates?

Indeed! International students who graduate from 2-year programs at Canadian universities are eligible for 3-year open work permits. This makes them competitive applicants under the points-based economic permanent resident selection process of Canada.

So, it is clear that students have a ‘studies-work-permanent residence’ path that increased the number of students choosing Canada over the United States.

Do you know: US universities have witnessed a decline in the enrollment of international students in the academic year 2017-2018, while there is a 16% increase in the International students in Canadian universities.

Is Canada Making Business Establishment Easier for Employers?  

Absolutely! Since the past few years, the Canadian government has focused on increasing the work permit visas categories which exempt employers from labor market approvals. This has drastically reduced the time taken for processing non-immigrant visas.

Hence making it easier for employers to establish their business in Canada instead of the United States with its complicated immigration process.

Here are some of the reasons why employees are moving to Canada, according to Peter Rekai, founder of the Toronto-based immigration law firm:

Both of which have become restricted in case of the United States immigration policy.

How This Is Going To Affect US employers & What Should Be Done?

All the skilled workers with the American dream are finding it difficult to cope up with the reformations in the immigration policies. So, these foreign nationals are taking a drift towards Canada, which is going to impact the skill gap in the United States drastically. In fact, the US has initiated H-1B visas for filling the skill gap in their country, but with the latest reformations in immigration policies, it may not be the case anymore.

These regulations and restrictions on the immigration policies may make US employers lose their skilled talent from their organizations bringing in an unbridgeable gap in the skilled work.

So, it is time the US employers show caution in handling the present talent with such a lure from Canada. Making sure they take strong strides towards making their immigration practices and help their employees realize their American dreams.

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