6 Things you should know about LinkedIn

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September 28, 2023
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LinkedIn is one of world's Largest Professional Network with over 550 Million Users worldwide. It gives you millions of possibilities to Connect, build & grow your Network that can help you leverage your Brand or Businesses or your personal self. Millions of users get on to Linkedin with a purpose to make lot of meaningful connections, but not everyone gets their game right. Today we want to focus on those who want to learn on making it right.


that you probably aren't doing right.

Do you want to change?

You are at the right place. Just read on!

1. Brand Yourself:

In simple words, LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. All the CEOs, VPs, HRs and various recruiters maintain their professional profile on LinkedIn. It is a place which connects you to a world of opportunities. It is a place to showcase your skill, talents and experience. So express your interests in such a way that you look smart & unique.

You can do the following things to stand out in the crowd:

Always mention your full name. Say no to nicknames.

Do not blindly share posts on general things like movies, games etc. Be specific.

Avoid useless arguments with random people. It lowers the value of your updates.

Stay active on the platform through posts, comments, group chats or direct messages.

Personalize your profile according to your personality. Find out groups that are of your real interest and contribute to them. Decide how you want to be seen by viewers. Leave polite comments on posts. Maintain your profile in your own unique style. Be expressive of yourself.

2. Behave Formal:

It is important to know which social sites affect your personal life and which ones affect your professional life. Today we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a thousand other websites where we share what we are doing, eating, playing etc. Always remember, LinkedIn is not meant for sharing your personal life. It is about sharing the updates of your professional life. It is meant to bring employers & employees on same platform for a common good.

So here is a list about the things that you Should Not Do on LinkedIn:

Extremely frequent updates

Updating too many profile pictures

Sharing a lot of family pictures

Putting up holiday or vacation updates

Sharing photo albums of wedding or ceremonies etc.

3. Connect as much as you can!

It is completely okay to add people you wish to connect with even if you don't know them, just don't spam them with too many requests. LinkedIn lets you connect to professional accounts of people to learn from them. Even if you are an introvert, try to open up. Connect with new people of your field. Get in touch with new users. Try to know about extraordinary things people are doing. Make friends.

Take initiative by adding them, asking questions and staying in touch with meaningful conversations. Connect with as many people as you want. You've got to reach out to the world with an open heart! But always keep in mind that that you don't over do it. If somebody denies to connect with you, don't bug them. Respect the decision of the other person and stay cautious about privacy of others.

4. Maintain your Professional Profile

Do you know what is the first thing anyone reads in your profile? It is your LinkedIn Summary.

Write it in a crisp language. Mention your best qualities in first two-three lines for an impressive profile. When you use LinkedIn, be extra careful of what you post. Elaborate about your strengths and skills, but don't boast. Always keep a clear, smiling and professional photo as your Display Picture. After all, your picture shows your personality. It is very important that you fill all important academic details correctly.

Never fill wrong information for showing off. If you are a fresher, highlight all the programs you took part in or organized in your college. If you have work experience, publish all of it on your profile. Write all the professional things you learnt, courses you did and certifications that you have.

5. Endorsements & Recommendations:

These are extremely important. While growing your network, make sure that you collect endorsements for your skills. Although, if you are experienced, your list of recommendations matter a lot!

Following is the set of people you can ask recommendations from:

Your Manager or Employer

Your Team Leader or Boss

Your Colleagues

Your Past Clients

Your Current Team Members

Your Juniors or Associates

Your College Professors

When you request for a recommendation, be polite and courteous. Don't feel shy in asking someone to write a recommendation for you. But don't take fake recommendations as they make a bad impression.

6. Remember your motive!

It is natural to go with the flow of posts, updates, remarks and comments in any situation, but remember your motive of making your LinkedIn profile. It is perfectly fine to connect with lot of people but make sure you portray yourself like an interesting candidate to the recruiters. Post about the things relevant to your field. Sometimes you may be dragged into useless debates of opinions, don't fall in the trap. Your profile should give an impression of a formal, open minded, well connected and polite person. These are the things that complete your motive of being on LinkedIn.

You never know who comes across your profile and gets impressed enough to offer a job! We believe these are 6 Most Important Things About LinkedIn that can help you leverage this ever-growing network.

Please comment & share your thoughts on what you feel to be most important things one should know about LinkedIn. We would love to hear from you!!

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