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Jersey City, NJ. Posted 3 years ago

Royal Lane
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Nageshwar Chittajalu
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Job Title: Technical Lead - Java/J2EE Start Date: 10/18/2016 End Date: 9/13/2019 Location: Woodcliff Lake, NJ, US or REMOTE Candidate will be responsible for following job duties: Technical verification and testing of the Service systems Facilitate and support the technical verification and rollout of the service systems/applications including the integration with DMS systems and new features currently under development. (list of current applications: AIR, ISTA, ISPA, DCOM/DMS Adapter) · Support the testing team with software verification and testing of software based on testing and verification guidelines and test plans. KPI: successful completion of test plans to the level of quality and within the timeframe defined by the Testing Manager in biweekly sprints. · Approximately every 2 weeks a new software release comes out and needs to be thoroughly tested and signed off. · During testing, piloting and rollout all technical issues will be comprehensively analyzed by the vendor and findings shared with the development teams. · He/she will engineer and communicate meaningful solution proposals where needed. Technical Rollout Support (Overall KPI – dealer survey twice a year yields a minimum rating of 4 out of 5 stars) · Create/edit, proofread and distribute technical documentation for the aforementioned ISPI Next applications. Deliverable: On average two documents a month. KPI: Documents are reviewed and posted on time and to the level of quality defined by the business owner. · Assess and confirm technical dealer site readiness before deployment to dealers of new applications/versions of ISPI Next applications. · Take phone calls and answer emails from dealers and consult/support dealers during field testing, piloting and final deployment of the software. · Facilitating the integration of BMW application with the DMS and consulting the dealer on the proper usage of the integration and usage of the data in the DMS. · Support the application project leads including planning and conducting functional pilots at dealerships. The same support role applies during the rollout phase to all relevant dealerships. Technical Operations support Support of Group dealers nationwide with ISPI Next applications, network systems and infrastructure requirements. (Time: approx. 10h per week) KPI: Dealer will be surveyed by the end of the year and dealers need to rate support with at least 4 out of 5 stars. o Phone and email communication/support on technical issues regarding systems, dealer PC and server hardware, vehicle diagnosis and programming equipment as well as supported 3rd party software. o Network, system and application troubleshooting (including log file analysis) to resolve dealer issues. o Consult dealers on the usage of the ISPI Next applications based on the individual dealership process, being familiar with general dealership service processes. o Communication and interaction with our support resources when necessary. o Excellent communication skills is key in this role.
Key Skills
dcom dms j2ee kpi stars

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