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Dranesville, VA. Posted 3 years ago

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George Matthews
6 Months
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10 - 12 Years
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Sr SA resident for design, architecture and performance analysis skills preferably with VMAX3 AFA experience, SRDF & general VMAX Operational, Performance and Design knowledge is key. • 7 years + hand-on experiences on Symmetrix, VMAX3F, and VMAX/DMX, with SRDF sync/async, cascade/concurrent. FAST/SLO. Good at performance analysis. Knows Hypermax and the hardware architecture too. • 2. TimeFinder Clone/Snap (BCV if possible). Symcli with medium scripting is a must. Good at one of the Python/ Bash/KSH/Powershell. • 3. In-depth knowledge of Cisco director MDS and SAN fabric. Zoning, topology and etc. • 4. Medium VMWare skills, ESXi, NMP, RDM, datastore, vmdk and etc. • 5. Medium OS skill, ESXi, Linu, AIX, Windows. Storage related components are required. LVM/Powerpath and etc. • 6. Understand and hands-on provision/configure storage from end to end, array-SAN-hypervisor-OS-filesystems • 7. Light DB skills are preferred, knowledge of popular DB (Hana/oracle/sybase/db2) performance, backup/recovery process, tools and etc. Rate (1 to 5): Symmetrix VMAX3 Design
Key Skills
vmax3 aix ksh vmware sybase powershell db2 rdm bash mds python oracle windows

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