Sr. Solution Architect Cloud/VMware/vRA

Houston, TX. Posted 3 years ago

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George Matthews
5 Months
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5 - 20 Years
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Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
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Catalog Skills: EMC ENTERPRISE HYBRID CLOUD - VMWARE DESIGN EMC ENTERPRISE HYBRID CLOUD - VMWARE IMPLEMENT VMWARE VREALIZE AUTOMATION ASSESS/PLAN/STRATEGIZE VMWARE VREALIZE AUTOMATION IMPLEMENT VSPHERE CLIENT USER VMWARE MIGRATION (P2V, P2C, V2V, V2C) MIGRATE Scope of Tasks: Need a seasoned onshore Migration Solution Architect with scripting knowledge to create blue prints and migrate 2600 workloads for customer. 900 Non-Production, 1700 Production. Method is sVmotion and will required dedicated jumpboxes be built. The migrations must be completed before the customer's 06/30 deadline. All migrations will be online migrations with no outages. Once migrated, need to import into vRA, as the customer is getting a greenfield EHC environment. Need a resource to begin ASAP to begin having design discussions with the customer EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - VMware Design EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud - VMware Implement VMware vRealize Automation Assess/Plan/Strategize VMware vRealize Automation Implement VMware Migration (P2V, P2C, V2V, V2C) Migrate VMware vSphere Health Check Assess/Plan/Strategize
Key Skills
cloud/vmware/vra onshore vmware production

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