Sr. Delivery Specialist - VPLEX/RP/VMAX3

San Francisco, CA. Posted 02-06-17

Posted By
George Matthews
2 Months
Start Date
Tech Category
5 - 25 Years
Tech Sub-Category
Work Permit
Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
Tax Terms
Contract To 1099, Contract To W2, Corp To Corp

Job Description

The scope for the resident is to assist with designing the layout of a new Vmax 100k and migrating data from Vmax 20k to a 100k. The skillset of the resident should include: Vplex and RP VMAX3 Powerpath Storage Vmotion VMware Rate (1-5) RecoverPoint Design Symmetrix VMAX3 Design VPLEX Geo Implement With 1 having the highest priority and 4 the lowest Also, The resident will work at a hourly-time basics for a cumulative hours (160 hours). Initially onsite but later on remote work. Later as and when required NOTE: This isn't a typical residency but more of a time and materials working 10-20 hours a week until the 160 hours are consumed. It's a project SA/IS we are looking for that have 10-20 hrs/week to assist in migration for the customer. - until the 160 hours is consumed.
Key Skills
vplex vmax3 powerpath recoverpoint vmotion vmware

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