Sr Delivery Specialist - NodeJS/JS

Jersey City, NJ. Posted 01-31-17

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Victor Benjamin
5 Months
Start Date
Tech Category
Programming Languages
5 - 10 Years
Tech Sub-Category
Work Permit
Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
Tax Terms
Contract To W2, Corp To Corp

Job Description

PLEASE NOTE OF SCOPE CHANGE!!! Onsite Jersey City minimum hands on experience in Node to be 4 years. Please be extra diligent about filtering out on this criteria. Resumes must clearly show technical (project/tasks) details of their Node experience (instead of generic claims). A well-rounded team member, who can not only develop but advise. Must be able to provide consultative input. For e.g., why they would pick an approach/technology over another? Must be able to talk to all items on their resume, even outside of Node and React. NodeJS developer experienced in modern web application development (JavaScript, and NodeJS) NODE.JS - DEVELOP/IMPLEMENT/TEST HTML PROTOTYPES - DEVELOP/IMPLEMENT/TEST LOCATION IS JERSEY CITY, NJ & NOT Kansas city!!!
Key Skills
html javascript node.js web application development

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