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Seattle, WA. Posted 3 years ago

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George Matthews
12 Months
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5 - 20 Years
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Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
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The main focus of this residency is design/planning and advisement toward utilizing NDM feature towards executing migrations to a new AFA platform. Possible participation in NDM type pilot migrations/workshops along with other SMEs. This is to be done on site Seattle, WA Performs a review of customer-collected and supplied information on the host and storage environment. Completes an analysis of existing host data collected, documents any required changes to hardware, software, or firmware, and provides the list to Customer. Correlates storage environment information and plans the migration solution. Delivery Skills and Recommendations client services personnel should be familiar with the following technology for the delivery of this solution: Data migration practices and implementation Open systems expertise at the system administration level SAN configuration and zoning In-depth knowledge of VMAX Family, VMAX3 and VMAX All-Flash storage systems, NDM, and SRDF/S Multipathing software Tools used in delivery of this service
Key Skills
vmax3/all flash

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