SAP Procurement Analyst

Houston, TX. Posted 9 months ago

Resource Informatics Group Inc
400 E Royal Lane
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Suresh Valluri
9 Months
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8 - 10 Years
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Functional Consultant
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Canadian Citizen, EAD, Green Card Holder, TN Permit Holder, US Citizen are encouraged to apply
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Job Description

·       SAP Procurement Analyst (somebody that worked on the Business side) with strong knowledge of PtP (MM) process – they will not touch SAP but will need to know the process inside out, including the master tables.

·       Manager is from the business side, not IT

·       This person will work with a SQL Developer – have basic SQL skills but not required to do any coding.

·       Excellent communication skills



Complete Job Description:
    •   Need to integrate multiple SAP tables within the MM module to connect data from end-to-end PtP.  This means knowing what SAP tables are needed to each of the major PtP process:  requisition, purchase order, agreement, goods receipt/SES, and invoicing.  Then having them connect that in the future, we can track transaction from requisition to invoice or vice versa.
    •   Working closely with SQL developer to get the data into SQL and then providing the right logic to get it all integrated within SQL 2016
    •   Have background towards SQL data management and overall best practices of data governance.  Would want this person to take the lead in how the data within the SQL is managed
    •   Understanding of the key functionalities of SQL 2016 that includes SSIS and SSAS
    Key skillset:
    •   Deep understanding of MM module within SAP by knowing the tables, understanding the PtP process, and knowing how the transactions are flowed through the system
    •   Full understanding of how databases work (specifically SQL 2016) that also includes knowing the key functionalities like SSIS and SSAS.  
    •   Excellent communication skill to be able to discuss solutions with Business and at the same time, having the ability to direct the technical developers in integrating all of the data sources together
    •   Best practices in database and data management.  Bonus would be having data governance background
    •   Must be able to work with a very diverse team that includes key members outside of th

Key Skills
PtP Procurement MM

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