QA Automation Engineer

Irvine, CA. Posted 02-08-18

Tekstrom Inc
Wilmington, DE
Posted By
Vineela Vasipalli
12 Months
Start Date
Tech Category
Quality Analysis and Automation
$55 - $60 Hourly, Negotiable
6 - 10 Years
Tech Sub-Category
Work Permit
Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
Tax Terms
Contract To 1099, Contract To W2, Corp To Corp

Job Description

QA Automation Engineer Requirements

  • Solid understanding of Automation Techniques
  • Experience of TestNG and PageObjectModel framework
  • Familiarity with Java IDE such as Eclipse
  • Familiarity with JIRA Java API"s will be a plus
  • Good understanding of Selenium Web Driver API
  • Knowledge of Implementing Selenium GRID
  • Solid Java / XML parsing techniques
  • Expert in Java / Database interfacing
  • Knowledge of implementing validation reports
Key Skills
jira java apis api java/xml validation reports core java selenium webdriver pageobject

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