Front End Developer

Philadelphia, PA. Posted 07-06-18

Resource Informatics Group Inc
Irving, TX
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uday kumar baitypuli
6 Months
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Tech Category
5 - 8 Years
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Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
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Corp To Corp

Job Description

Front End Developer -  in-person required

Position Comments: Currently working with Vue.js. Prefers Vue.js or similar framework. Familiarity with Java. Familiarity with video technologies (WebRTC, RTSP, HLS etc.).



  • 5+ years professional experience in creating applications that served large customer base
  • Familiarity in building web applications (Javascript/HTML/CSS etc.)
  • Knowledge of source control and code review systems (Github, Gerrit)
  • Familiarity with common libraries and MVC architectural pattern
  • Experience in using java multithreading techniques for building fluid front end user experiences
  • Familiarity in media streaming technologies and protocols (WebRTC, RTSP, HLS etc.)
  • A strong sense of ownership and responsibility for code quality that follows best practices
  • A strong passion for learning and adapting to new technologies
  • Ability to think critically and independent



  • Experience in building X1/web applications using Java
  • Experience with DevOps, Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery
  • Experience working with Internet-of-things frameworks or platforms (SmartThings, Nest, AWS IOT, etc.)
  • Familiarity with wireless mesh networking (ZigBee, Z-Wave, Thread, etc.)
  • Experience building/operating applications dependent on large-scale (>1MM users) platforms with high availability
Key Skills
Vue.js Web Applications Javascript HTML CSS Github Gerrit MVC Java Multithreading WebRTC Java DevOps Automated Testing Frameworks Platforms AWS IOT Wireless Mesh

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