Spring, TX. Posted 8 months ago

Resource Informatics Group Inc
400 E Royal Lane
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Akhil Reddy
12 Months
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Tech Category
8 - 20 Years
Tech Sub-Category
Work Permit
Any Work Permit encouraged to apply
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Job Description

We need a strong software engineer with expert C++ programming and object-oriented design skills.



Required Skills/Experience


•             Strong C++ programmer with a thorough understanding of the language


•             Experience using STL, Boost and Qt is critical


•             Capable of using and extending existing frameworks using object-oriented principles


•             Thorough understanding of code complexity and the performance implications of various algorithms


•             Extensive experience in a Linux environment


•             Strong team player with an Agile mindset and experience working on Scrum teams


•             Good verbal and written communication skills for effective collaboration and mentoring


•             Safety oriented mindset






Preferred Skills/Experience


•             Strong understanding of the differences between Traditional and Modern C++


•             Experience designing libraries and APIs


•             Experience with continuous integration and test automation


•             Experience with seismic or geoscience systems


•             Parallel programming experience with threading, OpenMP and MPI


•             Scientific programming experience


•             Experience with HPC job scheduling systems


•             Functional programming experience


•             Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Key Skills
STL BOOST QT linux environment AGILE MINDSETS SCRUM TEAMS Frameworks Object-oriented Complexity Algorithms Written Communication Collaboration Mentoring Safety Oriented C++ Programming Object-oriented Design Skills C++ Linux Environment Team Player Agile Scrum Continuous Integration Test Automation Parallel Programming OpenMP MPI Scientific Programming HPC Job Scheduling Functional Programming

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