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Apriso MES Techno-functional

East Coast, US

20% Remote & 80% Different Client side in East Cost

Candidate should comfortable to travel on different client location in East Coast.



30%        Pilot Test and Full Implementation of APRISO MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

(Integrate, build and download code, to specific production area clients and validate after user acceptance testing)


Duty Details:

Fully- testing, implementing and monitoring the application on production floor and warehouse with UI/ Smart Screen displays verifying the operations-

•             Work Flow

•             Data Continuity

•             Process sequencing

•             User credential tracking

•             Material FIFO and real time tracking

•             Product Quality tracking


30%                                        Industrial I.T. or Data Configuration

(Configuring and analyzing the plant floor data)


Duty Details:

•             Configuring the jobs/ work locations with the BOM (Bill of Material).

•             Creating work flow diagram and data sharing on Order sequence queue.

•             Configuring and testing data for work orders and shop orders on MES applications that include data validation, visualization, quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

•             Configuring SCADA, automated decision control, workflow, database applications, scheduling, and interface to ERP systems.


20%        Troubleshooting, Problem Solving and Support                                    

(Keeping the system and UI environment uninterrupted and planning / production /quality/ delivery ready) 


Duty Details:

•             Testing and troubleshooting area application for product sequencing issues

•             Support or lead Rapid Problem Solving (RPS),

•             Troubleshooting system and peripherals that include servers, thin client, barcode scanners, printers and lab equipment etc.

•             Kaizen and implement the real-time data collection and process visibility

•             Version control and release changes implementation

•             Code change, test and release to the production environment


20%        Communication 360 and Documentation

(Clear and Effective communication and maintaining vital technical records)


Duty Details:

•             Act as a liaison to the offshore team to test and complete the MES implementation activities.

•             Communicate effectively with client/s and onshore and offshore teams for change or system enhancement activities

•             Create the technical documentation and help training the trainers on plant floor

•             Responsible in controlling and providing the technical user records when needed.

•             Using ISA standards in coding and application implementation

meetings, manager meetings, committee meetings, etc.)


Key Skills
APRISO Production User Acceptance Testing Flow FIFO Product Quality BOM Data Sharing Testing Data Validation Visualization SCADA Database Applications Scheduling ERP Systems Troubleshooting Problem Solving Planning Rapid Barcode Scanners Lab Equipment Real-time Data Version Control Production Environment Communication Documentation Effective Communication Communicate Effectively Technical Documentation Coding Apriso Techno-functional Client Side

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