OnBlick HR Compliance

Your Compliance OUR ASSURANCE

OnBlick HR Compliance

Ensuring effective corporate compliance in challenging immigration environment.

OnBlick keeps your company compliant by digitalizing form I9, Form I-983 and PAFs.Based on
your hiring practices OnBlick recommends matching SOC Codes, Titles and Wage levels at LCA initiation.

HR Dashboard

Get an overview of all HR and Immigration compliance related tasks and alerts that need your immediate attention. Complete all pending tasks and keep your company compliant.

SOC Predictor

Get the most appropriate SOC Codes and understand the probability of Approval for your H-1B cases with Data Intelligence from 60+ authorized sources.

PAF Automation

Public Access Files are automatically generated and stored. No more hassles in maintaining Public Access Files. Keeps you Audit ready.

H-1B Documentation

Manage all documents related to a candidate’s H-1B Petition. You have option to download and/or share these documents with attorney and with the candidate.


Get guidance on FDNS site visits with 60+ questionable parameters for all the employees and HR. Be prepared on I9 Audit anytime by internal attorneys/DOL officers

Electronic I-9 & E-verify

Digitize and Automate your I-9 process for both onsite and remote employees. Get automated suggestions on when to make changes/additions to employee I-9.

OnBlick Sources

OnBlick assimilates intelligence from genuine sources to provide authentic guidance on HR and immigration compliance

Your Compliance is Our Assurance

Enhance Chances of H-1B Approvals with best practices

Understand SOC codes and Speciality Occupations. Decide appropriate wage levels and stay updated on ever changing compliance

On-board seamlessly & demonstrate right to control

Streamline your supervision, timesheet collection and evaluation processes. Digitaizes personal files and demonstrates right to control on all your employees.

Digitize documents & Automates the Processes

Digitizes and optimises LCA,Form I-9 / E-verify, PAF, I-983 & H-1B processes. Automates audit trails and prepares for any critical RFEs or audits

Prepares for DOL audits and FDNS site visits

Guides with more than 60 parameters for FDNS site visits.Enables sharing of PAF and I9 when requsted by the FDNS/DOL officers.FDNS