OnBlick HR Compliance

HR and Immigration Compliance

Your Compliance, Our Assurance

OnBlick Compliance is your digital HR enabling 360 Degree Corporate Compliance. OnBlick digitalizes and also keeps your company compliant with I-9, Form I-983 and PAFs. It recommends matching SOC Codes, Titles and Wage levels at LCA initiation based on your Hiring Practices. It keeps your company prepared for any H-1B RFEs, DOL, ICE, FDNS audits and a lot more.

You’ll be excited to see our
Awesome Features!

Enhance Chances of H-1B Approvals with best practices

Understand SOC codes and Speciality Occupations. Decide appropriate wage levels and stay updated on ever changing compliance policies

On-board seamlessly & demonstrate right to control

Streamline your supervision, timesheet collection and evaluation processes. Digitize personal files and demonstrate right to control on all your employees.

Digitize documents & automate all the process

Digitize and optimise LCA, I-9 / E-verify, PAF, I-983 & H-1B processes. Automate audit trails and be prepared for any critical RFEs or audits

Hire right fits, demonstrate equal opportunity

Find best talent across all job boards from one platform. Let AI do the match making and 1 Min video profile give the personal touch.